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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Top 10: "Jesus Was...."

This is not meant to be political statement or a post to cause controversy. If you have ever visited this space before, you will notice this is not that kind of blog/site. This space is more often about sharing Middle Schoo/Jr. High resources, helps, and thoughts than sharing opinion. 

Teaching and walking life beside this young generation coming up, I believe it is important for us to be students of the Word first and of the world second. The most important thing we can do is point our students to the person of Jesus and being "followers" of Him. We desire for students to live their earthly lives by following the His example!  It also important for students to understand who Jesus according to the Word to connected to their world.

These are 10 simple, straight forward Biblical truths about who Jesus was while He was doing life on the the planet. Take them as you will...


10. A Refugee (Matt. 2:13) 

9.  Homeless. (Matt. 8:20) 

8.  A Middle Eastern Man. (Matt. 1) 

7. A Son of a Young Teenage Mother, Who Was Pregnant Before She Was Married.  (Matt. 1:18)

6.  A Poor, Blue Collar Worker from a Small Town in the Middle of the Country (Matt. 2:23) 

5.  A Taxpayer (Matt. 22:21) 

4.  Willing to Submit to Authority, Even If He Didn't Agree with the Decision.  (Acts 8:32-33) 

3. A Respecter of Woman and Their Rights, in a Culture that Did Not.  (John 8:1-8) 

2. Killed By Angry Religious People and Weak Politicians (Matt. 27)

1.  The Prince of Peace. (*the time He got physical or angry was with people trying to make the church something it was never intended to be).  (Matt. 21:12-17)

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