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Monday, December 5, 2016

Top 10: Reasons To Take a Christmas Break!?

Christmas AND New Years land on Sundays this year with a Wednesday night in between them.  Every year there is a debate online and some personal guilt about taking a break from youth group over the holiday.   

Students are off from school, so obviously it should be our responsibility to keep them "entertained" for the full week with a Christmas party on Monday, Star Wars movie days on Tuesday, Regular youth group on Wednesday, Service project day on Thursday, Bowling on Friday and New Years Lock-in on Saturday into Sunday?  Does that sound about right for some of you? 

Here are 10 Reasons to TAKE A BREAK this year during the week between the holidays...

10. Your Own Personal Children. Remember them, the little mini version of you at your house.  They are off from school too, they would like to see you!

9. Your Spouse. The love of your life, the light of your world.... They would love to celebrate the holidays with you too.  Hot chocolate, a movie, a cozy blanket, see where the night goes!? (hint: see #10)

8. Your Assistant/Leaders/Volunteers. They need a break too.  If you take it, they get to take it, so they can see their spouse and children too!

7. The Custodian (s).  Give them a break.  After Spam-Fest, Choc-Tobetr, Thanksgiving Gravy Slip N Slide Night and Winter Wonderland Indoor Snow Party, they might just want to not come in for like a day or two!?

6. The Parents. No not your kid's parents, your own parents.  Go see them or have them come see you, without running out the door to another event.

5.  Your Sr. Pastor.  If he is taking a break over the holiday week, it is okay for you to take a break also!  Even if he isn't make a kind request.  I am sure like the custodian, he might be grateful not to have to clean up your messes for a week!?

4.  The Budget.  The church accountant and the credit card company called, they both would like you to give them a rest.  The new year is coming and they are trying reconcile their books.  They are still trying to figure out if the 5 cases of Spam should be under "game supplies", "lesson illustrations", "food and fellowship", or "professional development"?

3.  Your Personal Health.  Mental, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.  Go home, hangout, rest, eat some health conscious Christmas cookies.  Lay off the Red-Bull and Starbucks quad-shot drinks for a week.  Get health!! (at least for a week a year)

2.  Your Calling.  God has called you to disciple, teach, and love students. While it sometimes gets mixed up with being a babysitter, entertainer, and activities director.  Take a break over Christmas from having to run programming to make sure you keep your focus on your true calling.

1. JESUS! Yes, He even got away from the crowd, the feeding of thousands, miracles, and religious leaders who were always trying to catch him doing something wrong (___"insert the name here"_____).  If Jesus rested and took a break you can too, let's be real you have the cool beard, insist on wearing sandals even in the winter months and all, but you are NO Jesus!)


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