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THE MIDDLE YEARS MINISTRY is a Site Dedicated to Providing Resources, Ideas, and Help to Next Generation Pastors, Leader, Directors, Teachers, Mentors. Our goal is to MEET YOU in the MIDDLE in the Middle Years
, the Pivotal 5th-9th Grade Years. The middle ground between children’s ministry and high school ministry. The age where 85% of people make their final life-long faith decisions.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Top 10: Youth Ministry Job vs. Youth Ministry Calling

10. Job Descriptions vs. Meeting Kids' Spiritual Needs

9. Performance Objectives vs. Prayer

8. Missions Statement vs. Missional Living

7. Evaluation Forms vs. Changed Hearts

6. Personality Tests vs. Spiritual Gifts Assessment

5. Attendance Numbers vs. Number of Kids Accepting Christ

4. Office Hours vs. School Lunches, Games, and Hours Hanging out

3. Working for an Organization vs. Serving the Body of Christ

2.  Feeling Pressure vs. Feeling Passion 

1. Success & Results vs. Failures & Spiritual Mystery

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