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Monday, October 10, 2016

Top 10: Kinds of Ministry Leaders?

10. The Grandpa- been doing ministry a long time and now it is almost time to retire. Doesn't want to rock the boat, just wants to rock in his chair...

9. The Buddy- is everybody's friend and pal.  Lets everyone do whatever they want, because its alright they are my buddy...

8. The Wimp-the complete pushover. Not willing to stand up for anything or to anybody...somebody might get mad and leave??

7. The Good Old Boy- a combination between the grandpa and the buddy.  Has his "club" of boys that are sometimes called "the leaders".  Has his set of traditions, friends, and things "we have always done that way..."

6. The Traditionalist- always good for grandstanding speech about the past, history, and protecting the foundations,fundamentals, and faith of our fathers.

5.  The Fighter- knuckles up, all the time.  In his past life (before Jesus) would take care of business down at the bar (or out back) now he is taking care of business at the church.

4.  The Newbie- so cute, so fresh, so new.  8-10 years of education and not a lick of experience.   First church out and grandma Jones is having him over for dinner to tell him what's up and how things ARE to be....

3. The Hipster- coffee, facial hair, and just spent way too much on those jeans. Keeping the church relevant and real without all the self-righteousness....such a bummer man!

2. The Dictator- if your church had a pope, he would be it. Whatever he says, thinks, breaths, or burps it is inerrant God truth. It not his way or the highway...It is his way or his highway, no detours here. He will choice the office paint colors, toilet paper brand, and oh here is your list of HIS rules, for HIS church?

1. The Shepherd- the lover and humble servant.  Willing to do anything for anybody, any time of the day or night.  Leads, Feeds, and Intercedes for his people....

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