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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Top 10: JH/MS Girls Who Are In Your Group?

 10. Home-School Holly- Sheltered not allowed out of the house unless she is going to church.  Has memorize huge amounts of scripture, but has no idea what it means...

9. Boy-Crazy Brianna- She shows up just for the guys. Is a constant flirt and has a new "boyfriend" every week.  Will be on Facebook or Twitter tomorrow upset because her latest guy dumped her

8. Shy Savanna- Sweet and will do anything for anybody, but good luck trying to get her to talk to anyone.

7. Jock Jenna- She is a fun, great leader...when she is there. Which is only a few weeks in-between sports or summer traveling teams

6. Preppie Princess Paige- Mommy and daddy have money...or at least they think they do.  Always has the latest fashions on.  Tries her hardest to act just like a Kardashian.

5. Outgoing Olivia- Try to get her to stop talking.  She will tell you about anything and everything.  She is the life of the party and some times too much? 

4. Emo Emily-  Dress all in black and hurting.  Headphones on and hood up.  Quiet and distance, but listening hard to everything you have to say, to see if you are just "another adult" or someone that really DOES cares.

3. Rebel Rebecca- Hangs with Emily sometimes. Grew up in the church and is bored to death with it all.  She is only there because mom and dad make her...and she is going to make sure you are going to pay for it.  If she has to be there you are going to know it!

2. Serving Sarah- Never really up front, and never really outspoken.  Turn your back and next thing you know chairs are stacked, pens are put away, and the staff bathroom is sparkling clean (*alright maybe not the bathroom thing, but you get the idea)

1. Missionary Megan!!- has her Bible and it is ready.  Even though you are not suppose to 'play favorite', she is yours.  Always ready to serve, share, witness, and the first one to sign up for the summer missions trip. You might just find her going door to door around your church asking people to come to youth group.

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