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Monday, August 29, 2016

Top 10: JH/MS Boys Who Are In Your Group?

10. Lego Logan- He is your super sweet new 6th graders, that still plays with "toys".  If you ask him, he will show you his pocket full of legos.  You might even catch a couple of his friends discussing their latest creations.  The problem is he has no clue on deeper spiritual things, because his parents have babied him for so long in every way.

9. GI Joe Joe- Joe comes in full camo even on Sunday morning.  He even owns a camo tie.  He is the first one to sign up for paintball and will probably the first one to sign for the army.  He occasionally will give you a "HOHA!' after a correct answer?  You say "Onward Christian Soldiers" he is combat crawling out the door?

8. Ball Boy Billy- He is your sports guy...every sport ever invented.  If it is involves a ball, he is in it to win it. The problem is dad thinks he is going to go pro by 9th grade.  Not sure what sport, but he will be drafted directly out of middle school, so that means he is not at church often.  He is at practice, clinics, games, and traveling teams.  His parent's just took out a second mortgage to pay for all of it, but Billy is really the one paying for it in the end?

7. Corner Connor- Connor comes in find the farthest, darkest corner and sits down.  He is not a problem it is almost like he is not there.  He in some ways really isn't. He sits and soaks in silence.  No one knows who he is, what he is thinking, and what do with him. 

6. Preacher Boy Paul- Born, Bred, and Bible fed y'all.  With his 10 pound study Bible, freshly pressed pants and tie he is ready to go.   First one with the verse, and his hand up with the answer.  He has memorize the book of Lamentations for fun? He knows the answer to the questions, but doesn't know what it means.  He just told you his plans for seminary and he hasn't even completed 7th grade.

5. ADD Alan- Which one will show up tonight.  Alan with drugs or Alan without drugs? He is the kids that actually does chase squirrels..literally!  On drugs he will sit and drool, off drugs he is hanging from the rafter...once again literally.  He is the reason your trustees want to do away with the exposed beam industrial look in the youth building?

4. Rocker Rocky- Please no piercing during youth group!  Your Mohawk must be short enough to fit in the door.  If you are wearing leather pants with studs you can not play the game tonight AND many other rules were made because of Rocky.  May not get it all, but loves to worship and plays a mean electric guitar in the praise band.

3. Christian School Chris- Spends some time on and off with Preacher Boy Paul. Like Paul knows the answers and has the knowledge, but is not as willing to share it.  He has 'heard it all" and "knows it all" but could honestly care less? He comes every other week or so, because even his parents feel he "gets enough God all day at school"

2. Clowning Carl- The life of the party and is absolutely hilarious.  You love him to death...when you are not teaching.  Big personality and Big love for Jesus to, just gets a little lost in being popular, fun, and everyone's friends. 

1. Questioning Quinton?? Always has a questions and wants to know and challenge everything.   He grew up in a good Christian home, but now wants to really know if what he believes is true.  May drive you nuts, but in the end he is willing and open to learn.  On top of everything else he wants to live his faith out and wants others to too.  He is either going to be an outstanding witness in this high school and college years or he will walk away completly from church frustrated.

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