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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

News U Can Use: "What Tweens DON'T Want Parents to Know about Their Technology"

"Tears and questions of family trust poured out when kids agreed to reveal to their parents what they're really doing on their smartphones during a special "Good Morning America" roundtable.

"GMA" correspondent T.J. Holmes first sat down with the parents of eight girls in Southern California to find out what they think they know about their daughters' smartphone use.

The parents revealed their daughters are on their phones "every second" of the day, including at least one who is even connected to her phone in the shower.

"Our daughter puts it into a Ziploc bag ... plays music and she takes a shower," said Lena, the mother of Allie, whose last name, like all those involved, is not being used.

All the parents have access to their daughters’ cellphones through a passcode or fingerprint, but struggled to explain what their kids are doing on their phones.

"Selfies ... They like to draw pictures ... They do Snapchats ... They do DubMix smashes and, see, I don't know what that is," said one parent. "And now FaceSwap."

"The ASKfm one, I don't like it," said another....

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