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Monday, April 25, 2016

Top 10: Your Potential or Your Calling?

I talk to quite a few young people and young leaders who have been told at some point they "had potential" or they needs to"live up to their potential"?  

Is that what we are really supposed to do?  Is that really what we want our students to do?

It is especially dangerous when it comes to ministry, to be doing something you have the potential to do versus doing what you are CALLING to do?   Here are 10 quick thoughts on the difference between just potential and a calling... 

10. Potential is something you pursue, Calling is something that pursues you.

9.  Potential leads to a career, Calling leads to a ministry.

8.  Potential is something you can do, Calling is something you must do. 

7.  Potential will lead you down a path, Calling will take you on an adventure. 

6. Potential is about talent, Calling is about gifts. 

5. Potential allows you to good things, Calling allows you to do great things.

4. Potential frames a picture of your life,  Calling is a vision for a better future. 

3. Potential is something you work on, Calling is something that works in you. 

2. Potential is based on facts, Calling is based on faith

1.  Potential is what others tell you, Calling is what God tells you.


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