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Monday, March 21, 2016

Top 10: "Remember When..." (Youth Ministry Edition)

10. ...You could play an upfront game using peanut butter and no one died?

9.  ... You could serve soda and chips as a snack instead of celery sticks, saltines and water?

8.  .... You played dodgeball with over-inflated playground balls or under-inflated volleyballs?

7.  .... Taking a couple of your students out for ice cream after church didn't require 2 versions of the medical release form, picture ID, and a note from MY mother?

6. ....  Asking students to skip a single sports game to attend a weekend retreat, was not seen as the end of a scholarship deal, a promising career and fame in the minor leagues of professional...badminton?

5.  ...  everyone brought their Bible and could look up a verse without using the table of contents...or a phone.

4. ... a swimsuit cover, pajama pants, or yoga pants were not considered your "Sunday Best"?

3. ... Christian music was fun, upbeat and included lyrics about "Captain Crunch", "Sadie Hawkins Dances" and hanging out in a "Big House" with lots of food and football"?

2. ... FaceTime meant you were going to meet with a student in person over a milkshake.

1. didn't "need" a screen the size of a 15 passenger van, smoke, and lights... all you had was a Bible and a couple old smelly couches!? 

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