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Monday, March 14, 2016

Top 10: Honest Church Staff Titles?

We all have those fancy and yet sort of confusing titles at our church.  Those things they put under everyone's name on the "organizational chart", on our card, and on our door.  People hear them and then we still have to explain what we do.

What would happen if the titles were a little more honest and real?  Maybe something like these??

10. Receptionist... "Chief Transferer of Your Call to Someone Else"

9.  Office Manager... "Scapegoat of Coffee Shortages"

8. Graphic Designer.... "Lead Interpreter of Contradictory Suggestions"

7. Media & Tech Director... "Director of Turning Things Off and Then On Again"

6. Music Pastor... "Facilitator of Main Service Simon Says?" (*"Sit Down, Stand Up, Raise Your Hands, Give a Shout, Give Him a Clap..." ) 

5. "Head of Building and Grounds" .... "Guardian of the Jones Memorial Carpet" 

4. Early Childhood Director... "The Resident Diaper Genie & Binky Finder" 

3. Director of Operations.... "Executive Officer of Signing For That" 

2. Financial Director.... "Official Pizza Party Bill Payer" 

1. Jr. High Youth Pastor... "pre-adolescent branding and lingo expert, specializing in gross games, youtube videos and dodgeball that somehow always tie-ins to a Biblical truth" 

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