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Monday, November 2, 2015

Top 10: Ways to Make Your Youth Group Feel More Like a Family?

10.  Ground Students That Don't Bring their Bible?

9.  Have a  Time Out Chair, Students that Won't Listen have to Go Sit in It?

8.  Serve Vegetables for Snack, Students Can't Play the Game Until they Finish Their Vegetables?

7. Occasionally Lick Your Palm and Go Smooth Down Someone's Hair?

6. When Driving in the Van/Bus, Turn Around and Yell, "Don't Make We Turn This Thing Around!"?

5. If Someone Spills Their Drink, Say Something Like, "This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things!!"

4. For Christmas Buy All Your Leaders Socks and Underwear?

3. Have A Big Meal Together, About Halfway Through Tell One of the Girls All The Reasons Why You Don't Like Her Boyfriend!?

2. Once A Year Have Your Weird Uncle Earl Just Some Up Unannounced and Teach the Lesson?


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