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Monday, October 19, 2015

Top 10: Your Youth Pastor is So Out of Touch....

10. They Think Instagram is Putting Your Grandma On Speed Dial?

9. They Think Snapchat is when they Snap Their Fingers at You When You are Talking During Their Lesson?

8.  They Asked if Becky G, is Kenny G's Daughter?

7.  They went to Starbucks and Tried to Order an Ariana Grande? 

6.  You Asked If They Have Seen Dr. Who, and They Said They Weren't Sick?

5. They Think "Blackish" is the Color of Their New Leather Bond Study Bible?

4. They Posted the Youth Group Announcements on MySpace?

3. You Asked Them to FaceTime, and They Showed Up at Your House?

2. You Told Them to Post the Picture of the Fall Retreat so Your Friends Could See and You Found a Scrapbook Nailed to a Tree in the Front of the Church?

1. They Said They Got a New Tablet for Their Lesson Notes... It was Spiral Bound?!! 

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