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Monday, September 14, 2015

Top 10: Kinds of Youth Pastors...

With some fun reactions to my previous Top Ten Lists: "10 Kinds of Ministry Leaders" and "10 More Kinds of Ministry Leaders" I figured I would take a fun swing closer to home with 10 Kinds of Youth Pastors? Which one are you? 

10. The Jock- They are all about the game.  Whether it is a sport, dodgeball, or something they just made up, it is on! They dress like your gym teacher and kind of act like them too.  Lesson? Oh yeah we will hit that up at half time!

9. The Preacher Boy/Girl- Straight out of the Ralph Lauren spring catalog and the spring semester of seminary. Good looking, well dressed and ready to exposit and exegete the word.  Just looking for that well placed stepping stone to the Sr. Pastor's office. I guess youth ministry will do for now?

8. The Stand Up Comedian- If Tim Hawkins and Jimmy Fallon had a baby, they would be it.  They can find the funny in any verse and situation.  Their opening monologue and routine..I mean lesson will leave you in stitches.

7. The Buddy Buddy- They are not the authority man, they just want to be your friend.  They dress like you, act like you, talk like, you an even smell like you.  They are more like a cool older brother or uncle then a pastor.  Yeah they might be an age of an adult, with a spouse and kids, but they will still be creeping in the student section at the game this weekend.

6.  The Hipster- Tats, gauges, and ironic facial hair.  If Starbucks could brew humans they would be a grande with extra foam! Tonight's devotional will be based on my latest Hebrew tattoo on my ankle.

5. The Old Dude- With DC Talk and Audio Adrenaline stickers on his walker and orthopedics in his chuckies, he rolls in straight out of 1987.  They would like you to ask "What Would Jesus Do?", no really what would He do because their memory is starting to slip.  It must be that Geritol and Red Bull smoothie they have been chugging every morning?

4. The Copy Cat- Fresh off of their world tour of the biggest youth groups in America and the latest youth conference, they have a suitcase of books from all of them.  Guess what youth group is about to change...again! They have a whole pile of ideas that are working, everywhere else.  They know you are in the midwest in a small town church but what works at that west coast mega church will work here too!

3. The Missionary- Living simply and organically, they have a Toms youth group fundraiser coming up soon to help those without shoes in Africa.    They are raising goats in the back parking lot to mail to war torn somewhere.  Even though it only September, they are already planning next summer's mission trips.

2. The Geek Freak- Roll the dice, and put on your favorite Lord of the Rings T-shirt and come join the group for this month's all night Star Wars vs. Star Trek discussion.   They know the girls are not into it and no one ever invites friends, but what matters is they are into it and it gets them out of their mom's basement for the night?

1. The Regular- Nothing flashy here... Just a heart of a "pastor/teacher/shepherd".  They come in two flavors: paid and unpaid.  They may not be the cutest, coolest, hippest, or even the most up to date on culture, but they are in love with Jesus and students.   After the game is forgotten, media presentation is over, and the program is dead...long after the newest and greatest in youth ministry book is forgotten, there they are still sitting one on one with a student sharing life. They are not concerned about attract kids to themselves, they are more concerned about attracting kids to Christ!!
(*1 Corinthians 9:19-23)

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