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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Game #83: "One-Legged Shoe Hockey" (classic!)

A classic that lives on and on! Like Jason at halloween, this game continues to live on in youth ministry! 

If you have never played, here you go! A classic that I just brought back to life with my new group that my students continue to love!

- a small ball (tennis ball or tennis ball size work great)
- 2 goals (small goals/hockey goals or 4 cones)
- An indoor playing area, preferably with no windows.

Quick Explanation: 
Everyone takes off one shoe, the shoe then becomes the hockey stick for a game of "one legged shoe hockey".  Usually rules and safety applies for old school "gym class floor hockey".

Set up:
- Create or place a goal on either end of the playing area, for larger groups consider creating 4 goals in the corners or on the sides.
- You can also plays this game outside on a parking lot or a field if you would like.
- Divide the groups into equal teams assign a goal to team

Basic Rules:
- Usual rules for floor hockey apply, for the most part.
- Keep pushing and body checking to a minimum, based on your group
- With people bent over trying to hit the ball with their shoe, there is no such thing as "high sticking" or "slashing".
- Ball can not be kicked, grabbed, or thrown.  All contact with the ball must be with the shoe.

- A regular shoe works best, flip flops are useable but not as great.
- The best way to use the shoe as a hockey stick is to grip it by the toe and hit with the heal.  Students will to swing their shoe by it laces or put their hand inside, but it will not work as well.


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