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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Game #78: "Name That Gargle" (Group Game)

Another Classic, That Has Been Reborn with My Group Recently During Our Summer Series "SoundTracking" about the Book of Psalms.  

Each Week We Have Been Doing a Music-Based Game To Start Off Our Sunday Morning.

We Did This And It Was Hilarious! 

- A Mic (PA of some sort)
- 10-20 Cups
- Pitcher of Water
- 20-25 Note Cards

Game Play/Explanation: 
Quick Explanation: Individuals will try to gargle an assigned song, while their team tries to guess what the song is!

Pre-Game Prep: Write down 20-25 popular well-known songs (happy birthday, jingle bells,...), you many also want to include a couple currently popular songs ("Bad Blood", "Happy"...) or even popular worship songs ("Amazing Grace", "Oceans"....)

- Split the group into 2 teams
- Ask for a "musical" volunteer from the first team
- Hand them a cup of water and explain the game
- Show them a song card
- When they are ready, hold the mic up to the player.
- Give the team 30-60 seconds to guess correctly the "gargle"
- Switch back and forth between teams

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