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Monday, January 19, 2015

Top 10: Senior Pastors Should "Stepping Stone" Into Youth Ministry!!?

So, you have 20 years of experience in the church.  You have 2 degrees and wealth of wisdom and knowledge.  You have worked hard, you know what it takes to grow a ministry.  Your have seen all the behind the scenes so you know all the land mines.   You have the experience to prove that you can do the job!  I think it is time you use that ministry stepping stone you have been waiting to use.  Senior Pastor it is time for you to move UP to the Youth Ministry!!!  Here is why....

10. Suit and Tie? vs. Comfortable Jeans and a T-shirt!

9. Spend your days in an office? vs. Spend your days with your people!

8.  Talking about what happened in the church? vs. Talking about what could happen in the church!

7.  Counseling people about their mistakes? vs. Counseling people how not make those mistakes when they are adults! 

6. Leader meeting discussing politics, complaints and money? vs. Leader meeting discussion life change!

5.  Stage, mic and spotlight where you can't see anyone? vs. Sitting on a stool on the floor looking eye to eye with the people you are teaching! 

4. Time spent looking up ancient words? vs. Time spent talking in today's language over a lunch table! 

3.  Worrying that you might offend somebody? vs. Know you will offend somebody! 

2. Showing up to Funerals? vs. Showing up to Graduations! 

1. Telling your youth pastor to...? vs. Be the youth pastor that....!! 

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