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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Featured Game: "SPIKE BALL" (*Spyderball)

Yes, It has been around for a while and you may already be aware of this super cool game.  I was just recently going through the youth closet at my new church and found a set shoved in the back! 

I had complete forgot about this game!!? I pulled it out last week for my group and they loved it!  We actually need up playing it with way more than 4 players and became a bigger "elimination" type game!? 

So just in case you have never heard of of it or are like me and completely forgot about it.  Here is another quick fun game to add to your collection of 9 square, gaga, ect... hangout time games.  Unlike a gaga pit or 9 square, it quickly comes apart to put away or take with you. 

CLICK HERE (to go to the official website)
And...CLICK HERE to check out the more affordable "unofficial" Target version called spyderball" for 1/2 the price! 

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