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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Game #69: Snowmen Vs. Santas

Quick Ran-Dumb Christmas Twist on a Youth Ministry, Camp, Playground Classic!

Played it Last Week and My MS Students Loved it!!


- None, unless you really feel like you need a PA/Microphone to yell? 

Rules/Game Play:

* Basic Explanation: A Christmas themed twist on the youth ministry classic- "Crows vs. Cranes".

- Divide the group into two equal teams.

- Have teams face each other across from an imaginary line in the middle of the room/space.

- Assign one side to be "Snowmen" and the other to be "Santas"

- The leader stands at the end of the group in the center so all players can see and hear him/her. The leader calls out either "Snowmen!" or "Santas!."

- If "Snowmen" are called, the "Snowmen" must turn and run a short distance to their "base" or/a wall before the "Santa" team tag them. If any "Snowmen" are tagged, they become then become "Santas", and head to the other side for another round. The same applies when "Santas" are called....and so on!

- Play back and forth, and mix it up randomly so no one know which will be called. Play until everyone is on one side or the other

- OPTIONAL FUN: Occasionally yell something completely confusing that starts with an "S" like "Sandwich",  "Snow Cone" or "Sierra Mist", or.... "Carlos Santana" ? 

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