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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Top 10: Pastor Appreciation Month FAILS?

10.  Unfreeze last year's leftover Christmas Cookies For a Lovely Cookie Tray in OCTOBER!? (*real story)

9. Buy Him a Book, That YOU Think He Should Read (yes, I know the blood moon and "Left Behind" came out the same day...)

8.  Make a Mix CD of the Speakers and Pastors From Other Churches, That He REALLY Should Hear! 

7. Handmade Doilies for His Office. (the cool hand knitted pulpit cover was great last year!) 

6.  A Personalize Coffee Mug of His Favorite Church Family-YOURS!

5.  A Gift Card to a Gym (looking a little tubby, upfront aren't we...)

4.  A NEW! (since he can't afford a real cellphone, but at least you can call him when he is driving on family vacation?) 

3. A Tie.  (no not the one for around his neck, a zip tie for his pants...seriously gym gift card last year *hint*) 

2. Date Night...with you are your spouse! (nothing says romance like having a double date with you!)

1.  A Year Subscription to the Sock of the Month Club!? 
(**no seriously...

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