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Monday, November 17, 2014

Top 10: Hints to Transitioning into a New Youth Ministry

10. Make Sure Your Personal Family Finds Their Place in the Church & Ministry Immediately!

9. Do Not Be Afraid to Ask "Dumb" and "Obvious" Questions About Everything! 

8.  Find Out the Written and Unwritten Expectations, "Rules" and Policies Quickly!

7. Have Lunch or Coffee With Every Single Other Pastor/Leader on Staff as Soon As Possible.

6. Set Up and Unpack Your Office Within the First Week. 

5. Have a Parent Meeting Within the First Month, That Includes A Transparent Questions & Answer Time. 

4. Have a Volunteer Meeting Within the First Month! 

3. Have Lunch with the Head of Maintenance and Let Them Take a Couple Hours to Show You around the Building! 

2. Listen and Find Out the History and Experiences of the Church, Ministry, Area, and People!!

1.  Spend One Week Locked in Your Office After You Have Done #10-#2, Praying, Working Through, and Writing Out a Vision and Direction for Your First 6 Months, Including a Calendar Events, Teaching Scope and Sequence, and List of Things That You Would Like to Accomplish. 

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