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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hint/Help #14: 20 Funny Youth Group Movie Night Movies? (*Non-"Christian" )

JH/MS Middle School Movie Night For Both Guys AND GIRLS?? You are Stuck, Trying to Brain-Storm up a Quick Idea for a Movie That Students "Might" Like and They Haven't Seen a Million Times.
Here Is a Quick List of Some "Go-To's"? Hope It Helps!!

20. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
19.  Groundhog Day
18. Parent Trap: (newer one) (*Early Lindsey Lohan, Kids Think That Alone is Hilarious!)
17. The Great Outdoors 
16. The Muppets: Most Wanted
15. Napoleon Dynamite 
14. Bean 
13. Get Smart
12. Pink Panther (new ones)
11. Johnny English 
10. Nacho Libre 
9. Three Amigos
8. The 3 Stooges (newer one)
7. Rocket Man 
6. Here Comes the Boom 
5. The Lego Movie (*just had to make the list))
4.. Dumb and Dumber  
3. Jack and Jill 
2. Rat Race
1. Princess Bride! (always and forever!!) 

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