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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Game #67 "Peanut Butter Rudolph"

A quick easy silly Up-Front Christmas time game.  

For the beginning of youth group or as part of your Christmas party! 

- Small jar of Peanut Butter
- 2-4 Ping Pong Balls
- Optional: Red Permanent Marker

Explanation/Game Play:

Simple Explanation: Player will bounce a ping pong ball and try to catch it using only peanut butter smeared on the end of their nose.

Game Play:
- Ask for 2-4 volunteers.
- Bring the volunteers to the front
- Smear a large amount of peanut butter on the end of the their nose
- Hand each a ping pong ball
- Explain the simple rule: "bounce the ping pong ball and try to catch the ping pong ball with the end of your nose.  No hand allowed for catching!

Using a red permanent marker color the ping pong balls red!

Example Photo: 

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