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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Game #65 : "Fall Hoodie Goodie" (upfront game)

It is sweatshirt weather AND fall retreat season again! Time to put on that hoodie and also enjoy some goodies?  Why not combine the two for a quick completely ran-dumb game of "HOODIE GOODIE"!!

- 2 zip up hoodies (L or XL)
- 18-20 pieces of leftover Halloween candy
- A couple eggs

Simple Explanation: 
Players will have to "catapult" the goodies contained in their hoodie as far as possible.

Game Play: 
Ask two player to come forward.  Have them put on a hoodie.  Show them the container of candy and explain the point of the game is to "catapult" each piece of candy you place in their hood as far as they can.

Play 8-9 rounds placing a piece of candy in each of their hoodies each round.

Final 1-2 rounds replace the candy with an egg...or 2!!  Of course there is a good chance the egg will not go anywhere and a player will end of up with a raw egg to the back of their head!!!

Player that gets the candy or eggs the farthest.

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