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Pivotal and Important 5th-9th Grade Years. The “Middle Years” are not children’s ministry, not high school ministry, and are more than just Middle School/Jr. High. It is a unique and specialized ministry, where the final lifelong faith decision are made.

Monday, November 24, 2014

10 MORE: Hints to Transitioning into a New Youth Ministry!

10. Have a Fun Event for the Students Just Let Them Get to Know You, Your Spouse, and Family. (Make it Pure Relationship Building, Not Programming) 

9.  Drive Around the Area Around Your Church.  Get to Know the Area (Allow Yourself to Get Completely Lost) 

8. Send Out an Email Introducing Yourself to All the Parents and Kids.  Share More Than Just Your Ministry Experience and Qualifications.  (Make it Personal and Real) 

7. Walk Around and Introduce Yourself to All the Secretaries.  Spend a Couple Minutes Talk to Each.  (*They are one of your greatest assets and allies) 

6. Volunteer to Serve In Two Other Ministries In Church Other Than Your Own for A Week. 

5. If The Church Doesn't- Ask To Come Up on the Stage with Your Family Have 5 Minutes to Introduce Yourself During Service(s) 

4. Find the Nearest Place, To the Church with Truly Good Coffee.  (you will not regret it) 

3. Find Out Where All Your Students Go to School.  Call the School With in the First 6 Months and Introduce Yourself to the Principal.  

2. Get a Current Head Shot of Every Regular Attending Students.  Memorize their Face and Get to Know Their Name.   (quiz yourself or come up with a system to get to know names and faces until you do) 

1.  Establish a Regular Date Day/Night/Time In Your Schedule Immediately! (*if you are not married, this still might apply??) 

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