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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Top 15: Program vs. Ministry

Just a few passing thoughts, as I pray and consider what God has in a new church and youth ministry.  I will be back in a few weeks with regular posts, so please check back in early November.

 I wanted to post this up for now, as it was fresh in my mind and heart...  

15. Program is about Quantity, Ministry is about Quality

14. Program Spends money, Ministry Stewards money

13. Program is about Tradition, Ministry is about Trajectory

12. Program has Shoppers, Ministry has Members 

11. Program Plans, Ministry Prays

10. Program meets a Social Need, Ministry meetings a Spiritual Need

9.Progress seek Success, Ministry Seek Blessing

8.  Program is a Job, Ministry is a Calling

7. Program is another Option in a busy schedule, Ministry is a Priority in a busy schedule

6. Program is Led by a Leader, Ministry is Guided by a Team

5. Program is about what People can Get, Ministry is about what People can Give

4. Program is about Bodies in the Seat, Ministry is about Hearts for Eternity

3. Program Teaches, Ministry Disciples

2. Program is about Entertainment, Ministry is about Relationships

1. Program is about a Student, Ministry is about a Family 

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