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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Complete New Youth Group Year Leader Kit (FREE!)

The new year is almost here and it is going to be so exciting!!
Your spouse took you to the mall and bought a new spiffy outfits for the first day.  Your youth ministry assistant has got you a new supply of pens and notebooks.  You got that fresh new hair cut!! Your mom just called you and told you what a big youth leader your getting and how proud she is of you for not dropping out after the summer??


Just in case you need some extra help, here is a quick little YOUTH GROUP YEAR LEADER KIT, that I have lovingly packed for you.... 

-Frame & Flow for Your Ministry 
(the why, what, and won't for your year
-Plan for a Year's Worth of Lessons
(planning a scope and sequence of what you are teaching and in what order)
-Youth Leader/Volunteer Expectations
(the full list of what you want from your leaders this year)
-Student AND Parent Expectations
 (the student "rules" and some "help us, help you" hints for your parents)
-The Youth Pastor Box
(all the things you need to pack and have with on your retreats and trips)
-The Youth Pastor Bag
(the handy dandy grab and go kit for all the around town trips)
-Weekly Organizer & Time Sheet
(keeping your week and your interns week and time well thought out?)
-Complete Set of 60 Plus Games
(last minute help to add a bit of fun to your night)
-Set of Teaching Clips
(short list of video illustrations or introduction videos)
-List of Free Media Resources
(growing list of FREE clips, motions, graphics, and more)
-Youth Ministry Reading List 
(because leaders are learners)

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