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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hint/Help #11: Ways to Include Your Spouse in Your Ministry

This started off as a more serious "Top 10" idea but then I decided to make it more of a Hint/Help, because I felt it deserved to be in a category where it might not get missed in my more humorous posts!?

My wife is super involved in what I do.  I am blessed in that she is as called to youth ministry as I am.  She loves what I do and is with me as a team mate and partner.  She is not the "up front" or "in the office" person, even though she is willing and does here and there fill those roles at times. 

No matter your spouse's role, commitment, or even calling.  They still deserve to me invited and included in your ministry.  Here is just a couple quick ways, I would suggest to "Include Your Spouse in Your Ministry"....

10. Communicate with them about what you are doing and what is coming up. It will save your marriage and ministry (*

9. Invite them to come to planning meetings, events, and regular youth ministry nights. They don't have to always come or ever come but at least they know they are invited and welcome.

8. Ask them for their thoughts, perspective, and ideas.  They may have a fresh set of eyes, ears and thinking they you don't!

7. Include them in lessons or talks when in comes to marriage, dating and purity. It will add value and earn you a "right to be heard" with your students while also affirming your spouse.

6. Have a leader meeting or training as your home. With seasons of life sometimes a spouse can't show up to youth ministry, but is a simple way to bring some of youth ministry to them.

5. Take your leaders and their significant other out to lunch/dinner, bring your spouse.  Food, fellowship,....Win always!

4. Have them give their testimony as part of a lesson, retreat, or event.

3.  Talk about your spouse (and brag on your spouse) as part of your teaching. In appropriate, honoring and respectful ways. ( *Skip the my "my spouse is hot" comments)

2. When you buy something for your leaders (youth group logo t-shirt, mug, bag..) get one extra for your spouse. They can wear it/use it at their jobs or else where and talk about you/brag on you in return..see #3.

1. Honor Their Calling! if it is music allow them to help with the music, if it is cooking ask them to help cook on a retreat, if is working with younger kids have them help you leader the VBS on your missions trip...if they are called youth ministry, MAKE THEM A YOUTH LEADER/SMALL GROUP LEADER!

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