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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Game #59 : "Goatee, Mustache, Beard" (*gorilla, man, gun variation)

Getting Tired of the Old Youth Ministry Classic "Gorilla-Man-Gun".  Here is a Quick Update to Freshen Up This Summer's Camp or Events!

Supplies: None

Set up: Have everyone partner up

Game Play/Explanation:
Simple Explanation: Is you are playing a tweaked version of the old gorilla-man-gun or paper-rock-scissors games.
- Players using their hands and face will choose one of three "facial hair" styles created using their hands.

- Beard: 2 Hands on either side of the face, held to the cheeks.
- Mustache: 2 Fingers pointed together over top of the lip
- Goatee: 2 Hands held together placed on the end of the chin.


- Beard beats Goatee
- Goatee beats Mustache
- Mustache beat Beard

- Loser sits down, Winner stays standing and find another player, plays another round until there is only one person left.

- Prize Suggestion: "Toy Shaving Kit" found in the $1 of your local grocery store?

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