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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Top 10: Adult Service... Summer Music Festival-Style?


 It is almost that time of year again.  The time of year when you pack up your students head to the old summer music festivals. Whether it is the BIG ones like Ichthus, Creation,  and Cornerstone or the more local small ones like we have around here in the mid-west like Alive.  Wherever you go students always have a great time and come back pumped for God and Worship. Here is my thought why not bring home the Summer Christian Music Festival excitement to your church...on Sunday Morning in ADULT WORSHIP by having...

10. Food Vendors. ( You know a funnel cake would really add to the service)

9. Being able to show up to worship in your swimsuit and flip-flops. 
(new meaning to no shoes, no shirts, no problem?)

8. Music Pastor "Shotguns" a Monster Between Sets
(throws the can out into the crowd of course)

7. Stand Up Comedians before the sermon
(because the Sr. Pastor, only thinks he is funny)

6. Final Song Confetti Cannons
(right at the end of "Victory in Jesus"...BAM)

5. "Praise Pit" Down Front. (
as Kid Rock said- "get in the pit and try to love someone..")

4. More than one stage.
(main stage, hard core stage, senior saint polka stage...)

3. Stage Dives & Crowd Surfing
(enough said..)

2. Porta-Potties in the back. (
so you don't have to make that long walk!)

1. Mud Slip n Slide Down the Center Aisle
(usher wouldn't have "walk" to the front for offering!?)

Just a thought...I really think that Grandma Bertha who was a founding member in 1936 would really be into the changes. She already has the Blue Hair!!?

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