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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Teaching Clip #18: "I'm A Christian But Do I Need to Go to Church?" (w/ lesson outline)

“RESTORED” (lesson #1)
1. Big Group Discussion: “What is Church?”
- What are 3 things that describe “church”? 
- Why do you think people go to church?
- Why do you go to church?
- If you could change one thing about our church what would it be?

2. Small Group/Break-out Discussion: “Is it about you?”
- Is church about what you like? Should it be?
- How would you rate your church experiences?
- What do you think about when you are at church?
- Do you have to go to church?

3. What Does the Bible Say? (Scripture Study)

• I Peter 2:4-5
• Heb. 10:24-25
• I Cor. 12:13-14
• Eph. 4:16

CHALLENGE: As a Believer Your Need to Attend a Church.  As a Believer You Need to Also BE THE CHURCH!

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