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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Review: "Nature Girl" (a guide to caring for God's creation)

An Amazing New Book for Pre-Teen, Tween, and Young Teen Girls About Preserving God's Creation In Fun and Creative Ways!
The new book Zonder-Kidz Nature Girl by Karen Whiting and Rebecca White is completely cool from cover to cover.  Part information, part recipe book, part activity, and all completely hands on and engaging for young girls look for ways to serve God and serve His creation.
Covering big topics like beauty products, healthy food, animal care, and sustainable power along with the usual topics of recycling and conservation.   Instead of just giving young female readers a bunch of statistics and guilt, this book instead is full of ways to actively do something about the topics it is addressing.
Simple and delicious recipes are spread through out the book along with easy to do activities and projects that any young girl will be sure to love to try out this coming summer.   The final 2 chapters wrap up the book with a positive spin about throwing a fun party in the park and having the right attitude in order to be a real "Nature Girl"!
My own pre-teen daughter loved this book.  She loved all the recipes, activities, and we have been doing the end of the chapter quizzes together so be can both learn more about how to be better stewards of God's creation.  If you are looking for a excellent book for your daughter or the girls in your ministry to check out this summer, be sure to pick this one up soon!!

CLICK HERE (to buy it now!)

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