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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Game #55: "Piggyback Dodgeball" (dodgeball variation)

Tired of the Same Old Youth Ministry Dodgeball Game.  Try a quick fun and hilarious variation that my students loved playing last week for our "monthly dodgeball game time" .

Supplies: (the usual dodgeball supplies)
- A bunch of dodgeballs
- Way to divide your playing area in half (cones...)

Rules/Game Play:
Same basic rules of your usual dodgeball game, with a few additional rules to make it work...
- Everyone must be partnered up- "rider" and "piggy".
- "Rider" is the thrower, "Piggy" is the dodger and runner.
- Only the "ride" can throw and can only throw when they are riding.
- Riders may get off to retrieve a ball, but must return to riding position before they can throw. If "rider" is off and gets hit he is out, the same with the rider-less "piggy"
- Only the player that gets hit is out, so the other player either "rider" or "piggy" can continue to play but must find another player to partner with to continue to play
- Either "rider" or "piggy" may catch to get the opposing player out

- Playing this way really does slow down the game play a bit and also make throwing a bit less fast as well, so girls will like it better because the balls are not being thrown as hard
- Suggest using same gender partners as much as possible or completely.  Once game play start and people start trying to find new partners that might get a little more difficult to enforce?  I found that without really even saying it, my students just automatically did that?


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