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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Game # 48:"Run and Gun" (Group Game/Travel Game)

"Run and Gun" is a quick non-stop game that you can play during youth group nights, at events, or on your trip...
- A Football (of any size or type)
Set Up:
- Zero, it is on the spot in the moment just "Go!" kind of game.
It is a non-stop, "no-touch" game of football, played wherever, whenever, with whoever.  The basic rules are there are only 4 downs, so each team only has 4 chances to score a touchdown from end zone to end zone. There is no running once the ball is caught. Once the ball is caught that is the next line of scrimmage and position of play, so there is no tackling or touching necessary. Once the ball is caught, everyone quickly gets on either line of scrimmage, the ball is hiked and the next plays starts.   At the end the 4th down, if the team has not scored a touch down, possession changes and away you go again.  If a touchdown is scored, the opposing team starts at the end zone and tries to work its way to the other end zone.  
 End zones are whatever and wherever you choose based on where you are and the space you have.  It can be played in a youth room, gym, outside, at a rest stop, in a hotel room... maybe even in the church sanctuary (just not during service times....maybe??)
Choosing teams is simple and easy, just quickly take a group split them into 2 equals halves using as many students have you have or want to play-then assign them a goal line and go!
Passing, receiving, coverage is all the same as regular pick up football.  Interceptions is just like passing, play stops, possession changes and then go!
Once your students know what is it and what is going, you can just yell "Run and Gun", make teams and play.   Great for boring down times, waiting time, and especially great for rest stops on long trips.
Girls like it because it non-contact, Guys like it because it is football.
The biggest key is to hurry and rush everything, don't let it stop. Keep moving as quickly as possible in every moment, don't let the game every slow down.  Just think go...go...go- RUN AND GUN!!  It is a blast and might just become a group favorite?!!

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