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Monday, January 27, 2014

Top 10: Ten MORE Things to Do with Your Students on a Snow Day?

Yep, Week #2 of Little or No School Due to Snow and Sub-Zero Temperatures!! I put out the original "Top 10: Things to Do with Your Students on a Snow Day." at the beginning of the month, now with another week ahead and you went and used up all the first list of things.  Here is some more, to keep you out of your Mom and the Sr. Pastor's hair (*if he had any)....

10. Three Words---"Hot-Tub-Baptistery"- nothing like a nice hot soak on a cold day!?

9.  Finally Take Down the Church's Christmas Decorations?-come on, it is almost February and seriously the stage lights synched up to "Santa Baby" getting a bit old now?

8.  Build a Giant Snow Fort- mmm...maybe right in front of the entrance of the church down the road?

7.  Open Gym Day? - no seriously, open all the doors and windows to the gym all day, that way Wednesday night you have a really fun game time

6.  Donuts in the Church Bus? Even better if you actually go get real donuts, to eat while doing donuts?

5. Make Your Students Look Up all the Bible Verses with "Snow" in them.  Make them memorize them?

4.  Snow Blower Duels. Face off 30 paces, Chutes straight ahead...GO!!!

3.  Snow Cone Stand- make $$ for this Summer's Mission Trip?

2.  Rent a One Horse Open Sleigh?  Budget-Smudget, we are to get our "dash on!"

1. Wash the Sr. Pastor's Car. - use lots of extra water, especially on days below zero you want it to be nice and clean...

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