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Monday, December 16, 2013

Top 10: "99 Thoughts..." Books Suggestions & Ideas

 The "99 Thoughts/Things/Ideas...." books are awesome!  Love them, because they are short, to the point, but oh so very packed full of information, advice and good stuff.  Including of course the newest release  99 Thoughts for Junior Highers! by Mark Oestreicher and Brookyln Lindsey.

How many of these books are out there now as part of the growing library and collection?  I know I have written a few reviews of a couple of them here and there.  I even have a "combo" review coming out in Youth Worker Journal next issue.

It got me thinking what has not been covered? What else possible could they do "99 Thoughts... on??  Hmm....


10. "99 Thoughts On Your Relationship With The Sr. Pastor (and the rest of the staff)"

9.  "99 Thoughts For Y.P.K.'s (youth pastor's kids)"

8.  "99 Thoughts For Youth Ministry Spouses"

7. "99 Thoughts on Finding a Youth Ministry Job"

6. "99 Thoughts on Longevity in Youth Ministry" or "99 Thoughts For Veteran Youth Workers"

5.  "99 Thoughts on being More Professional, Organized, and Respected as a Youth Worker"

4. "99 Thoughts Before You Quit or Leave Ministry"

3. "99 Thoughts for Youth Ministry Assistants" (come on we all need a "gift" for administrative assistants day, this would make some $$!)

2. "99 Things Every Female Youth Worker Should Know"

1. "99 Thoughts on Surviving Middle School/Jr High Lock-Ins"? (not everything has to be deep and serious!)

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