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Monday, December 2, 2013

Top 10: Reasons I Love the YS National Youth Worker's Convention

10. It is a little mini-vacation on the church's tab?... hanging out by the pool thinking about youth ministry? (*just kidding, for all the elders, deacons, committee members reading this!!)

9.  Trick or Treating in the exhibitor Hall...seriously next year I am dressing up!

8.   The Skit Guys...enough said!

7.  Seeing much as you can see him behind the beard, glasses, and farmer hat?  

6.  Seeing All The Gray Hair! ...there is a hope for a 38 year old JH Youth Pastor, oh wait they were all in their 30's??

5. Watching all the Young'uns... they are so cute, rushing up to the stage and buying everything in the store, asking Mark-O to autograph their Tom's

4.  The Big Bean Bag Chair Things...if I had the budget I would buy enough to cover the floor of my youth room.

3.  Finger Blaster Wars... Although I don't think the lady at the front desk of my hotel was playing??

2.  Propaganda.... Oh...and I like that spoken word guy too?

1. Spending time with my wife, remembering why we still are doing this, recharging our batteries and refreshing our life-time call to Students!

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