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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thoughts (Quotes) From National Youth Worker's Convention

Disclaimer: The Following Are Thoughts and Ideas That Were Inspired By The People Listed.  Some of What is Below May Not Be EXACT Quotes.  It What I Quick Wrote Down As I Was Listening.  I Did However, Want to Give Them Credit As I Tried to Quote Them and Their Ideas!
Hope They Inspire You or If Nothing Else Challenge You?

- "When You Pray Regularly, Irregular Things Start Happening.."- Mark Batterson

- "If You Want God to Do Something New, You Can't Keep Doing the Same Old Things"- Mark Batterson

- "Reconciliation and Justice is More Than a Check of a One Time Missions Trip..."- Brooklyn Lindsey

-"A Life of Right Relationship Leads to a Life of Justice..."- Brooklyn Lindsey

- "This (Teen/Youth Group Years) is the Perfect Time to Experiment with Justice, to Learn What Works and What Doesn't, to Discover Your Calling and Heart..."- Brooklyn Lindsey

- "You Can't Put Program Ahead of Proof..."- Harvey Carrey

- "You Are Paralyzed Because You Have Over Analyzed"- Harvey Carrey

- "Every Communion Should Be Followed By A Dance Party"- Rachel Held Evans

- "We (Millenials) Are Not Looking for Style But Substance..."- Rachel Held Evans

- "We Are Afraid If We Get Out of The Way of God...It Might Get Messy, It Might Get Out of Hand"- Rachel Held Evans

- "Give Away Love Like You are Made of That Stuff"- Bob Goff

- "There is a Big Difference Between Invite Someone and Welcoming Someone..."- Bob Goff

- "Church Should Not Be Full of Bouncers Deciding Who Does of Does Not Get to Jesus.."- Bob Goff

- "If We Keep Giving People Water When They Don't Want It, They Won't Know Where to Go When They are Thirsty..."- Bob Goff

- "Be Secretly Incredible..."- Bob

- "Stop Calling Ministry--Call it Tuesday..."- Bob Goff

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