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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Book Review "Undaunted"- Christine Caine

A quick review and some thoughts on an awesome book, that I was sent to take a look at, "Undaunted: Student Edition" by Christine Caine.

POWERFUL.... that is the first word that springs to my mind after finishing this book.  If I would have to sum up my whole review in a word, it is just that simple word...Powerful!   Christine Caine, well known for her social justice work and as popular speaker opens up about her own personal life, hurts and struggles in this new student version of our her book "Undaunted".  While the book is part biography, it also is inspiration and direction.   Drawing from her own hurts, pains, and struggles, she throws open the doors the hope, healing and help for the lives of students, in these pages.

Broken down into 4 main parts: "God Knows My Name", "God Know My Pain", "God Knows My Fear" and "God Knows My Destiny", each lead to the final message of hope.   Each part also ends with thought provoking questions and reflections, excellent for personal reading or for 4 counseling sessions with a hurting student in your ministry. 

The strength of this book and what I love most is the fact of who Christine is today.  As she gently speaks life into students, she does it from a place of her own personal calling and what she now does working against human trafficking.  The fact that she has been able to take the hurts and abuse in her past turn it around and work with other how were hurt and abuse, gives here a "right to be heard"!

It may be obvious, but I would give this book a high recommendation for you to read and to use with the students in your ministry!

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