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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review: "Case For Christ For Kids" (90 Day Devotional)

The Modern Day Christian Classic "Case for Christ" Returns for Pre-Teens, Now in a 90 Day Devotional Form...

Lee Storbels along with the help of Jesse Florea, in the recently release Case for Christ For Kids (90 day devotional), bring a modern day classic to pre-teens. While the title contains "...for kids", this is instead is a great book for pre-teens through the middle school/Jr. high years.  

I have used the student version of Case for Christ, and have found it very helpful in teaching and also in giving out to my older more mature 8th graders.  This book however is what has been needed for late elementary years into early 6th and 7th grades.   It is also is great for young teens who have just excepted Christ and are just beginning their faith journey.

Each of the 90 easy to read devotionals are one page front and back. They are quick, interesting reads written in a form that will draw students in by starting off with an informational story about our world.  From how hot dogs are made to baseball to silly warning labels each devotionals starts off with some real from their world. The devotionals then lead to the "examine the case" section where the young reader is challenged to examine the real Christ.    The devotionals are connected together by the book's systematic flow of information creating a smart "case for Christ", that makes sense while slowly guides young minds from just facts to real faith. 

This would be a great book to pick up for your MS/JH ministry, but also might be a great book to pick up for Children's ministry to be given out to students the year before they enter your youth program.  Once again, I reiterate even though the book might appear to be written "...for kids", it is an excellent book for students that might see themselves moving beyond that label.   However you choose to use it, I would suggest pick up a couple copies to have around to give out students and parents in your ministry setting. 

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