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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Book Review/Game Resource: "LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE"

Here is a quick little game resource that I found while hanging out with my own personal kids in the kids section of my local bookstore.

The book contains thirty-three, seven question true and false question quizzes.  After each quiz is the facts and information explaining the "truth".  It is fun and informative, but more importantly for us in a Middle School/Jr. High Ministry context, it quickly and easily can translate into information to create your own upfront "powerpoint game" similar to the "power plays" (group/simply youth) or for an upfront trivia face-off or hot seat game.  If you want to go even more classic using the old stand by...use if for a version of "2 lies and a truth" kind of game.  If want to involve the whole group use it as part of an icebreaker time and have people share their name and whether something is true or false, and go through the questions, having people meet 7 different people?

However you use it for around $9.00 you can get yourself quick easy to use resource that you can throw on your shelf, for that last minute game idea or time filler.

CLICK HERE (to buy to take a peak inside)

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