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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Book Review: "Youth Ministry is Easy and Nine Other Lies"- Aaron Shaver

Youth Ministry is Easy…and Nine Other Lies, is a new book by first time author, Aaron Shaver. In this quick 72 page, easy to read book, Shaver tries to take on the nine classic misconceptions and downright lies of the youth ministry profession. As youth pastor himself, Shaver, dives head first into the greatest hits on the youth ministry playlist of things we hear all the time. He addresses things like “Parents are Your Worst Enemy”, “Great Youth Pastors Go Solo”, and “Losing Cool Points with Teens is Fatal, just to name a few.

The book’s heart and intention is great- keeping youth ministry workers paid, unpaid, and underpaid going, by debunking the common lies of the youth ministry world. It is written in a laid back style with a mix of advice, interviews, and helpful hints. As the author even states the at beginning of the book, this is not intended to be deep doctrinal thesis on youth ministry, it an antidotal practical guide to help the average in-the-trenches youth worker, parent, and lover of students.

I downloaded this book, because the title caught my attention and for the affordable Amazon price of $4.99. It is a great book for those new to youth ministry and a great give-away for those veteran youth workers helping along those who are new. I know I will be personally using it in some current youth ministry coaching and encouraging I am doing.

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