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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Top 10: Things You Don't Want to Hear Your Wife Say...

THE JH UTH GAL?  Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!!
In honor of my amazing wife, that completely gets me and my twisted Jr. high youth pastor humor I give you-


10. Does This Youth Group Shirt Make Me Look Fat?

 9. It's Twins!

 8. YOUR Son Just Bit Someone in Sunday School!

 7. Wake Up You're Suppose to Be on the Stage...

6. Really, Your Wearing THAT?

5. Do You Realize Your Mic Was On the Whole Time During the Worship Set?

4. I Lost the Pastor's Wives Monday Night Poker Game, How Attached Are You to Our Car?

3. We Need to Talk About Your Bacon Obsession and Your Cholesterol?

2. Ummm, I Think I Broke Something Playing Floor Hockey... the Sr. Pastor's Son's Nose?

1. I Just Told One of the Moms What I Really Thought About What Her Daughter Was Wearing??


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