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Monday, July 1, 2013

Top 10: Reasons I Love JH/MS Summer Camp...

10. Time with My Family (I always take my wife and kids along, and make time to hang with them too)

9. Not Having to Be Completely In Charge (other than speaking times, I can just be a participant and observer)

8. Meeting New JH/MS Students.  (love my own group of kids, but it is fun to interact with other peoples kids too)

7. God's Creation. (seriously a week away to be outdoors a ton, way more than I normally would out of the office!!)

6. New and Exciting Disgusting Fun. (seeing new gross ideas and wacky games I love it!)

5. Listening and Talking to the Next Generation of Youth Workers. (college and young adult counselors and staff, those people are amazing!)

4. THE FOOD. (seriously, were we go, the food is just down right good stuff)

3. Personal Time With God. (it really is a time of Sabbath and rest)  

2. Seeing Young Lives Changes and Broken. (there is just something pure and beautiful about kids praying and giving their life to God)

1. GETTING AWAY! (it really is a break from regular rhythm of life and ministry)

* Much Love to Dave and the Staff at Camp Patmos on Kelley's Island, OH (

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