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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review: "Have a New Kids by Friday"- Kevin Leman

Have a New Kid by Friday, gives parents a simple, straight forward plan to be a better parent and raise better kids.  Beyond the usual psychology and common sense, underlying the writing of this book is a Godly, Biblical perspective for parenting, as well dealing with children of any age.
Best-selling Christian family psychologist, Dr. Kevin Leman in his book

           The title and even the introduction makes a bold promise in “Have a New Kid by Friday” while it may or may not work exactly in that time period, it will in fact work.   What Dr. Leman offers is excellent step by step instructions and advice to move your family from where it is to where it needs to be? 

The first third of the book is the actual Have a New Kid by Friday book, the second two thirds of the book is an A-Z topical “Ask Dr. Leman” section that is beyond helpful.  It provides a thorough alphabetical resource to address almost any issue the might arise in a family raising children, birth through teen.

            As a youth ministry resource, this book as well is a great resource and read.  Whether you are parent or not the advice in the book is just plain great advice for dealing with the students in any situation or in your ministry.   Dr. Leman could easily make his next book Have a New Youth Group by Friday, with the foundational ideas and psychology already in place in this book.  Of course, this is also is a great book to have to give to parents and have available in your youth office or church library.  

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