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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Game #34: "Kooky Kickball" (big group game)

Similar to "Wacky Wiffleball", this is another quick easy fun twist  on a classic. I tried it out recently with my group and it has absolutely HILARIOUS!!

Instead of playing the usual game of kick-ball replace the kick-ball with a variety of other kinds, styles, shapes and sizes of balls. Consider using a nerf football, a wiffleball, a ping pong ball, large beach ball, super ball style bouncy ball or even a plastic hockey puck will roll.

Keep all the balls hidden in a box or bag until right before pitching them to the kicker, or pull out 2 at a time one in each hand quickly deciding right before you pitch which one you will use. It is fun easy way to change things up.

It also a great "equalizer" between those big 8th grade guys and those tiny little 6th grade girls.  Send a tiny little super ball rolling toward the big 8th grade guy and send along big, easy to kick ball for that little bitty 6th grade girl.

Have Fun, Enjoy...Leave Me a Comment and Let Me Know How it Goes!!? 

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