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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Game #24: "Cut the Rope: Live" (upfront game)

Like the other "Live" versions of popular video games that I have posted here- "Just Dance Live","Fruit Ninja Live", and couple different variations of "Angry Birds Live", comes my newest attempt at taking something that my JH/MS students love and bring it  to them live with...


20 Mashmallows
20 Pieces of String (3-4 foot long)
2 Pairs of Scissors
1 Table

Set Up:
Poke a hole through each marshmallow, run a piece of string though each and tie it.  Place all the marshmallows on the table in 2 groups of 10, with strings hanging off the end of the table. 
Ask for 4 volunteers, 2 teams of 2 people to come up to the front.  Ask one person from each team to stand by the table, while other player lays down face up in front of them

Playing the Game/Rules:
On "go" the player that is standing will turn around grab one string/mashmallow combo in their mouth.  Grabbing the end without the marshmallow in their teeth.  They are not allowed to use their hands to grab the string or marshmallow They will then turn around, dangle the marshmallow and string over their partner's mouth.  Without touching the string they must  CAREFULLY cut the string with the scissors and try to drop the marshmallow into their partner's open mouth below.

The player on the floor may not use their hands until they have caught the marshmallow in their mouth.  Only after they have eaten the marshmallow, may they use their hand to remove the string from their mouth.

The team that gets the most marshmallows in their mouths WINS!

* PLEASE!!! Ce careful with the scissors and "cutting"...thank you!!

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