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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Game #23: "Rubber Chicken Basketball"

Taking another classic game everyone knows and give it a good ran-dumb twist for your next youth group game with "Rubber Chicken Basketball"! 

- 1 rubber chicken (*preferably one with a noise maker)
- Basketball court with 2 hoops 
- Whistle
- 2 large sticks (broom stick or something similar)

Quick Explanation:
You will be playing basketball using a rubber chicken, which seems kind of obvious considering the name!? You will split into 2 equal teams.  The point of course is to score points by getting the chicken through the hoop. You can not of course dribble the chicken so the game becomes a game of passing and keeping possession of the chicken. 

Basic Rules: 
The rules are similar to those of Ultimate Frisbee (*see Ultimate Frisbee in 10 Simple Rules)
- Passing: players only have 2 steps and then they must pass of shoot

- Shooting: the chicken must touch the hoop in order for it to count as a "shot".

- Scoring: it is 1 point if the chicken goes through the hoop and gets stuck. 2 points if the chicken makes it through both the hoop and net.  A long whistle blow will signify a score.

- Possession: players must pass to each other after only 2 steps, if the chicken touches the ground it changes team possession. A whistle is blown when possession changes.

- Boundaries: there are no out of bounds, unless you would like to make them for your group.

- Fouls: (HA!..because it is a chicken!?): there is no grabbing, pushing, or tackling.  There is to zero physical contact otherwise there is a "jump chicken".  A "jump chicken" is called when there is a foul or 2 players of the opposing team are in possession of the chicken.  The chicken is tossed up between the 2 players in order to regain possession for the team.

- Large stick or Brooms:  to help you knock down stuck chickens

You get the idea...create rules that best fit your group, area, and time.  If you don't have a basketball court or basketball hoops.  Use large buckets, boxes, or even clean garbage cans.  It can also be played outdoors on a larger field more similar to Ultimate Frisbee, just with the goal being a large container or something similar! 

Enjoy and Play Safe!! 

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  1. Great blog! My husband and I are JR High leaders in Idaho. We are always learning and looking for new ideas. We will definitely check out your resources. Thank you!