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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Game #21: Sink the Battleship (Big Group)


- 6 socks
- A couple large bags of dry beans
- 2 inflated intertubes or 2 hoola hoops
- Game cones
- Large playing area 

Simple explanation is that it is reverse "capture the flag" using 3 "flags" per team.  The teams will have to take 3 "flags" to the enemies side versus capturing the flag.

- Take your 6 socks fill them with dry bean and tie them off at the end to create "torpedo" shaped bean bags.  Give 3 to each team and have each team stand behind the end line to start.
- Divide your space into 2 equal sides, placing a "battleship" (intertube/hoola hoop) in the center right in front of the end lines. Use cones or some other way to define your out of bounds area and also your center dividing line In the corner of each team area create a "jail" using cones or something else to define your jail area. (*See Illustration Below For Sample Playing Area).  Your play area can be inside or outside.  A large outdoor field of course it the best way to play.

Sample of Rules and Play:
In order to win the game a team has to have 3 torpedoes IN the battleship in order "sink the battleship".  Torpedoes can be ran directly to the battleship and dropped in, passed back and forth between players to be dropped in or they can even thrown in from a distance.  Once the torpedo has hit the ground it is dead.  The torpedo must stay in the battleship in order to be a "hit", if it bounces or rolls out it is a "miss".

Players who are 2 hand tagged are out and if they are tagged with a torpedo, the torpedo is simply thrown back across to the opposing teams side.    If a player is 2 hand tagged, he is walked to jail by the person who tagged them.  People in jail can only get out if they are tagged by a rescuer and only one player at a time can be rescued The rescuer and the freed person once the tag is made can walk back together safely.  At various times the referee (youth leader-you) can if they like yell "Jail Break" and allow everyone out of jail, in order keep the game moving.

Players crossing the middle line and entering the opposing teams area are allowed to be tagged.  No tackling, pushing, or punching is allowed.  A tag is defined as a 2 hand touch.

Note: You can create whatever rules best fits your group size, playing area, and group.  Be as creative as you like with it and make it your own! It has been a huge hit with my groups over the years.  I have been playing it with groups for at least 15 years and just reintroduced it to my group on our recent fall retreat. Hope your group likes it and it can help you in your ministry. As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me or a leave a message below!

Sample Playing Area:

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