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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Game #20: "Time Bombs" (Big Game)

Five Ticking Time Bombs Are Hidden and Time is Running Out.  Which Team Will Find Them Before It Is To Late to Save Your Next Retreat....Camp....Lock-in....or Bar Maritza?!!

- 5 battery powered alarm clocks (*ones that have an alarm that do not have an auto-shut off)
- 5 empty paper towel rolls
- 5 rubberbands
- Some string
- Can of red spray paint.
 All to create your Time Bomb, See illustration above.

- This is a night time game best played in the dark. It is a listening game and a team work game.The larger the area the better.   You need to set all the "bombs" to a specific time to go off right after your game starts, so this takes a little bit of planning ahead.   You will be hiding your "bombs" as far and as wide as you can.  Teams or small groups will then have to find them purely by sound.
- For an outdoor area allow teams to use flashlights and decide how many flashlights each group gets based on number of team members.
- For an indoor area you can decide whether or not flashlights are needed based on your building and lighting.

Simple Rules
On "go" teams have a set amount of time to find and collect as many "Time Bombs" as they can. The team with the most "Time Bombs" wins.
* Alarm Clock Purchase Suggestion: The Sharp Analog at Walmart  
-It is only $4 and it WILL NOT turn off unless you physically turn it off.  It will continue to go off for hours and it has an ascending alarm that runs on a 5 minute loop continually getting louder.

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  1. I think if I did this I would set the alarm to go off 5 or 10 minutes after we start the game and see how many they can find before the alarms go off. Would make finding them a lot more challenging too. (Thinking for high school)