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Monday, August 27, 2012

Top 10: REAL Reasons to be a JH Volunteer?

People ask me, are these Top 10's really REAL...yep!  After doing this for a while you really start collecting some real funny, very real experiences in youth ministry. 

Here is another set- Top 10 REAL reasons people have told me they want to be a volunteer leader in my MS/JH ministry....

10. I have to be with my child.  Even though they are in Jr. High, they still cry when I leave them.

9. I am afraid my daughter will get pregnant. I need to be there so boys won't talk to her.

8. I don't trust you as a youth pastor.

7. Jr. High was when I started doing (insert issue).

6. Jr. High was a bad experience for me, so this my opportunity for a "do over"

5. My spouse is making me.

4.  So my wife won't force to get a job and work evenings.

3. I am not cool enough to work with the Sr. High ministry.

2.  My girlfriend is in the group. 

1. I didn't get your job, so I am here for when you fail.

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